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MFM 92.6 makes a difference on Mandela Day

If you're new here, you may want to join Student Brands database. Welcome to the Student PortalMFM 92.6 staff dedicated their time on Mandela day to collecting clothing for the Stellenbosch Hospice.

“My Company – My Startup 2014″ Arrives in Cape Town!

After successful implementation in Colombo, Sri Lanka, “My Company- My Startup 2014” Project is coming to Cape Town. A team of 8 young international professionals will select 60 Bachelor students to participate

30% off textbooks & Win free tuition with kalahari

Have you ever wished your tuition fees could disappear without a trace? Your wish is about to be granted as Karl Ahari prepares for his biggest trick yet. Win big at kalahari.com;

Ever been to a race where to Glow is the only fashion?

South Africa’s most Electric Night Event Series Enter the competition to win free tickets by visting: http://www.studentbrands.co.za/url/neon-run-dbn-july What is a Neon Run? Many of you out there are asking just what is a

How Project Management Can Improve your Life

We all know the term project manager, but what exactly does such a person do? For those who have yet to enter the job market, , you will  see this position features

Bleeding Song

I sing the bleeding song With cheeks soaked in tears Fears of a generation lost with no cause Without direction headed for the slaughter I suppose My mates, my peers, my fellow