27 Feb 2013

The Centre of it all-UJ Auckland Park Kingsway Campus

My name is Khanyisle Ngcobo and I am currently doing my honours degree in Journalism at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Auckland Park Kingsway Campus. I love my campus because it is so vibrant, hip and full of quirks. You have your dudes in baggy pants, weave queens, bohemian chicks, your all-round “skhothanes” and last, but certainly not least, the nerdy nerds. Campus life is fast-paced and lively meaning one does not spend all of one’s time stuck in the library or behind a thick communication book.

The club scene in and around Auckland Park rocks and this is where students are to be found after a long week of tests, assignments and tutorials. You have a street full of vibey places such stones, with their awesome student Thursday nights, Roxy’s, Cappello’s, Catz Pyjamas and of course the ever hip-and-happening News cafe. It all makes for an interesting night, or nights, with the girls and each club or restaurant caters for students’ individual tastes.

If you’re not one for the club scene then the UJ arts centre offers a wide range of theatre and dance productions which will interest the “artsy” kinda people. There is always something interesting to do or somewhere hip to go and it all makes for an enjoyable experience. And if you want to explore the city itself then there are plenty of hotspots you can visit.

Braamfontein  is a cool, vibrant and young town which also caters for young, driven and emerging professionals and Newtown caters for the more laid back youngsters and has an awesome underground movement going for it (Bassline, anyone?). Sandton and Rosebank are the place to go if upmarket and sophisticated is your thing and one can do lunch at Primi and then club-hop between Hush Bar Lounge and Taboo. Jo’burg really offers one the opportunity to explore, live, drink, get high, learn and definitely grow as an individual and I can personally say I’ve experienced MOST of the abovementioned and it has been an experience I will never forget or regret.

I love UJ because it is at the centre of it all and the pace is well suited for a young, ambitious and driven journalist. Not only do I get to study my passion but I get to party, shop and explore the city while I push my grind. UJ really incorporates all the exciting elements that make up Johannesburg


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