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Who is Student Brands?

A young, innovative team with new and exciting ideas are the heart and soul of Student Brands. We are enthusiastic about our company and are always looking for new networking opportunities, we approach every business deal with our utmost dedication, attention and capabilities. We Do things The Student Brands Way.

Student Brands is an interactive eco system that links students to brands by interacting with them, adding value based on their education stage and lifestyle. Student Brands strives to be market leaders in youth intelligence. We aim to be the link between businesses and students across Southern Africa. We believe that students are our future and students believe that we are there to help them with theirs!

Our ethos is that of Brand Innovation, Public Relations trailblazing and Integrated Marketing Communications that is dedicated to students and student lifestyle. Student Brands is dedicated to changing business perceptions when it comes to students by creating a channel of communication between students and various businesses, financial service providers, and educational institutions.


Student Brands strives to be the leading student portal, firstly in Southern Africa and then the world at large. We aim to give students across the country the necessary resources, support and opportunities to excel in the competitive world of business. We believe that students are our future; students believe that we are theirs.


Student Brands provides a means of linking the youth, institutions in South Africa and businesses through various platforms. These wide varieties of free platforms help students grow and develop.

Enhancing Student Life

Students don’t stay students forever. This is a concept that very few your adults are prepared for, as a student life can differ vastly form the “real world” that awaits them. Students graduate every year just waiting to make their mark on the world. They’re all eager to apply their hard-earned education to creating careers for themselves. But the world of business is tough and competitive.

Student Brands often liaises with Student Representative Councils from around South Africa (a group of students in each university elected to represent students’ collective interests) in an effort to understand where students experience difficulties and how we can assist them. Furthermore, the founders of Student Brands were still students when they started the company and they experienced many difficulties, which are now alleviated by Student Brands. We strive to address these issues and hope to reduce the number of students who experience similar problems.

Approach to Business

In our volatile economic climate, we ensure that we remain prudent in our decision-making and continually implement a conservative approach. This means that we only deal with stable and secure institutions that are assured of being in existence in the near future.

Sustained by a pyramid of excellence, namely passion, creativity and empowerment, we are inspired by our approach in all our business endeavours. It is a dedicated commitment to this pyramid that ensures our place as market leaders in the industry.

Passion is our business, each member of our highly skilled team is driven by an intense passion that is fuelled by a need to excel at one’s role, to continually enhance one’s skills and ultimately, to succeed.

Creativity is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our clients’ needs are individually assessed and our services are specifically and uniquely tailored to meet those needs. Without a doubt, this is a skill that can only be achieved if creativity is infused into every solution.

Empowerment is how we inspire our staff to make informed choices that can be transformed into favourable outcomes. We believe in developing trust at all levels of the business, working together to develop a common vision, and cultivating a strategic leadership team that recognizes and nurtures our employees’ talents and strengths.

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. – Michelangelo