Free introductory in Financial and Management Accounting.

The ACCA-X online learning community kicks into life, with the start of introductory and intermediate courses in Financial and Management Accounting.

More than 38,000 registrations from America to South Africa, the two free and introductory courses run for 10 weeks and will enable people to gain knowledge that could set them out on a new career as an accountant, or bolster their knowledge of finance.

Reza Ali, director of New Ventures at ACCA, comments: “ACCA-X was launched with accessibility at its very heart, enabling people anywhere who have access to the internet to study for a rewarding career that can lead to a career in accountancy. Registrations have been received from far and wide, including Vanuatu in the South Pacific to Burkina Faso in Africa. ACCA-X really is a global and democratic learning community, removing barriers to study.”

The course’s high quality content, available anytime online, is delivered on the respected edX platform, an online learning destination founded by MIT and Harvard. ACCA-X’s courses feature expertly written content developed by Epigeum, a spin-out from Imperial College London. Tutors also support the free courses, who are experts in international accounting issues, from financial reporting to taxation.

Reza Ali concludes: “In the two free online courses, issues such as payroll and ledger accounts will be covered, alongside the reconciliation of control accounts and the cashbook, and how to use management accounting to support decision making. Given that finance touches our working and personal lives so much, I am proud that ACCA-X is offering free content that has financial literacy at its heart – courses such as these can help someone start a new career as an accountant, or help someone who needs a better understanding of how finance works.”

The courses run for 10 weeks, and learners have access to the content for 6 months making them truly accessible and relevant. Courses start every three months thereafter, all courses have a 10 week duration and are tutor supported.

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