In the career of DESIGN, there are mermaids and unicorns. Are you one of them?

If you were  born a creative where inspiration flows through your blood and art and design is the very essence of your being, you should be considering a career in design or the artistic industry. The creative world ain’t as glamorous as it looks but with the likes of lecturer Nicole Mason by your side, things may look a lot brighter.

Nicole Mason, lectures Interior Design at the Design School of Southern Africa (DSSA), a division of The Independent Institute of Education  (the IIE).  Mason describes the kind of students she is looking for as ‘unicorns and mermaids’ because there aren’t many students out there that can cope with the heightened stresses of studying and working in the creative realm.

She explains “There’s a difference between being an artist and being a creative. In art you can be a little vague and eccentric as you follow your inner muse making interesting and evocative pieces. Creatives need to be able to design and make something that is functional, but also spectacularly beautiful – within a time limit! This is why unicorns and mermaids will have a very balanced set of mental, emotional and personal skills, making them a hybrid of an artist and a mathematician.”

Using both the right and left side of your brain is pivotal in this field. This is referred to as merging both strengths of the two halves of the brain together, in order to reach the ability to move from the very creative free-flow of the  imagination to the more logical and linear thinking.

Mason believes that unicorns and mermaids have to be worldly. They need to dabble in experiences and memories. They need to see the world from a different perspective. Memories give one the ability to be inspired, to use those ideals in the context of design to be super amazing! It is important for unicorns and mermaids to take constructive criticism, to have a hard shell but to also stand up for their ideas and substantiate their thought process.

To be talented is one thing but working hard is another. The student has to be prepared to work extremely hard to make it to the top of the hierarchy of success.  If you are reading this and think that you could see yourself in the creative world then contact DSSA, where Nicole Mason is currently lecturing. Much like Nicole Mason,the other lecturers have all worked in the industry and have the experience and accolades that budding designers hope to achieve.




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