Life After Grad!

What happens after grad

So, you’re graduating at the end of the year. You’re finally going to take your first steps into the real world without the safety blanket of student life. That’s pretty exciting. There’s so much for you to do out there and you’ll finally be earning some real cash. Your life is about to change in so many ways.

Your first year following graduation is going to be packed with new experiences and discoveries. You’ll start to feel like an adult and learn about things you didn’t even know existed. But it can also be pretty daunting. So, to help prepare you, here are some things that may happen after grad.

You’ll have less free time

When you’re studying you have breaks between classes where you can chat to friends and maybe grab a cup of coffee. When you don’t have assignments piling up, you can even enjoy an afternoon off once in a while (depending on your schedule). And even when you have tests, exams and essays all at one time, you get to see your friends in class and at pracs.

However, in the real world, you’re going to have a lot less time to catch up with your friends. Sneaking off for a lunch break with your mates might be a possibility once every now and then but it won’t be very often. You’ll be busy at your new job and you’ll probably want to relax on weekends instead of hitting the local clubs.

You’ll start caring more about personal finance

Budgets are a big part of growing up. You’ll have bills to pay, a landlord asking you for money every month and food to put on the table. When you start your first job, you probably won’t have much disposable income. Plus, you’re going to want to start saving. It’s important you start putting aside money for your retirement from a young age if you want to live a comfortable life in your later years.

This means you’ll have to think twice about buying a round of beers on a Friday night. It also means you have to consider every purchase you make and decide whether it’s worth the cash.

You’re going to have to work really, really hard

It’s highly unlikely you’ll land your dream job straight after graduation. You’re going to have to start at the bottom, either as an intern or a junior. But having a lower salary than your colleagues doesn’t mean you get to do less work. In fact, you have to work harder than everyone else because you still need to prove yourself.

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