Why wait when you can do it yourself?

Waiting for someone to show you something is not only passive; it is also a pretty much good way to waste your time, your energy. I read somewhere that that the chicken doesn’t go to a specific place to make a nest for its chicks; it simply makes do with whatever is around it.  It is a scientifically proven fact that the full size of a chicken brain is approximately the size of a fingernail on a small finger! Yup; that small but does wonders.

No need to talk about the size of the human brain – what is discouraging is the number of people who would rather opt to have something given to them than create something with their own two hands – and the 1260 cubic meters brain; on average! What a waste!

Why not take matters into your Own Hands and do it yourself, pioneer your own path – you really have nothing to lose! Check these easy tips below:

  • Define your strengths and your weaknesses: Jot down a pro’s and con’s list; if necessary. Be as honest to yourself as possible.
  • Be courageous: Don’t be intimidated by failure. Always leave room for improvement and never limit yourself; thank me later.
  • Capitalize on your talents: If it is talking that you do best – then look into opportunities that require talking as a clincher.
  • Personal Branding: Your personal brand is you to the very core. The qualities and characteristics that comprise your personal brand are unmistakable.
  • Network: Connect with game changers in your field of interest get them to mentor you or mimic their strategies from a distance. Simple yet effective.
  • Start small: No assignment is too irrelevant, volunteer your services; remember it is exposure and experience that you are after.

By: Mokgadi Monareng

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