People say that men are simple creatures—give them grilled meat, beer and sports and they will be on top of the moon. However, men are much more complex, and they love to be pampered, too, especially on their birthdays. So if you’re organizing a party for your buddy, your brother or your SO, here are a few things that he might secretly want to have at his birthday party:

A cake

Guys usually say that they don’t care about sweets and cakes, but everyone likes a tasty birthday cake, especially if it’s funny. So this year, make sure to prepare plenty of beer and burgers for your guy’s birthday but also get a delicious cake. You don’t have to make a fuss about singing the birthday song or blowing candles if you think this will embarrass him too much, but celebrating a special day with a cake is always a good idea. Think about things he likes (football, music, activities, etc.) and include them in the cake design.


Here’s another thing guys want for their birthday but don’t want to admit—gifts. When asked what he wants for his birthday, he might dismiss it and tell you to just come and enjoy the evening, but he would probably appreciate a nice present. Be thoughtful and generous, because men don’t get presents very often. If you’re his friend, you probably know something that he likes and needs, or do your best to contact someone who knows him more intimately and ask for gift recommendations. You’ll not go wrong with anything connected to his hobbies or tech, though.

Adult entertainment

If you live in a liberal country like the USA or Australia, you know you can get strippers for your birthday boy’s party. Men don’t want to admit they might love to have some sexy ladies at their birthday party (especially guys in a relationship) but it’s such a fun surprise. If you hire strippers in Byron Bay, expect some classy adult fun that can get as wild as you like. And keep in mind that these ladies are 100% professionals—they will entertain you, perform, hang out with you, yet keep things sophisticated. Do check with his significant other to avoid getting him in too much trouble. 

An exclusive cigar and whiskey experience

It’s true that birthdays come every year, but that doesn’t mean this birthday shouldn’t be special. Boys will be boys, and boys love macho things like whiskey and cigars. In case your friend wants to keep things quiet for his birthday, don’t just settle on watching football and drinking average beer. Instead, organize a one-of-a-kind tasting experience for your crew with top-notch whiskey. And when it comes to cigars, make sure they are of the highest quality—all of you will feel like the manliest of men.

Fun activities

Drinking and chatting with buddies is the best thing about birthday parties, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Secretly, guys want their birthdays to be full of fun activities that will raise your adrenaline and make you laugh until you get abs. Before you start drinking, you can visit a karting strip or a paintball field and have a blast competing with each other. A visit to a casino is also a great idea if you want something tamer. No matter what you choose, make sure to do it relatively sober so that everyone stays safe. Also, you don’t want any trouble with the law on your buddy’s big day.

If you truly want to surprise your birthday boy and ensure he has the best time on his big day, make sure to include (all) of these elements into his party. Your effort will blow his mind and you’ll be the true hero of the evening!