The 8 Ultimate Guides to Mastering Revision

The pre-exam period is a dreaded time for most students, almost as terrible as the exams themselves, but we have the best study tips to help make revision a breeze because we all know that:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin

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1. Find the perfect study method for you.

All students absorb information differently. Find the most suitable study method for you by determining whether you are a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner.

2. Set up a revision timetable.

To ensure there is enough time dedicated to all subjects, set up the perfect revision timetable that works for you, your workload, time and concentration. Research shows that 20-30 minute study periods work best because your concentration lasts effectively for that time.

3. Get started early.

You have to make a start eventually so why not start sooner rather than later? Research shows that by starting revising in the morning you are more likely to be more productive throughout the day and get through all the planned work.

4. Make summary notes.

Making notes is by far the best way to memorise lots of information. We’ve all sat down reading a textbook, lying to ourselves that the time is being used productively – it is not! It may be incredibly tedious but helps to memorise the required information.

5. Don’t waste time on making your notes ‘pretty’.

Although it is suggested that you spice up your revision by using a bit of colour, drawing colourful illustrations and maps, do not waste all your time decorating your notes. Ensure that you spend more time learning from the notes then making them.

6. Complete past papers and practical examples.

Going through past papers enables you to familiarise yourself with the most important learning outcomes, experiment on how to best answer similar questions and teaches you to work on your time management during the exam.

7. Find the perfect revision space.

Find a space that has a proper desk or table that places you in an exam situation. Make sure that this place has sufficient light and room to help you work comfortably.

8. Don’t turn yourself into a revision zombie.

Reward yourself, whether it is taking the time to hang out with friends, get some exercise or sneak in one episode of your favourite TV program because, after all those hard hours put in, you deserve it.

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