PROM – The dress. Then there are shoes and hair to match the dress. You need a fancy car, corsages or boutonniere, and friends/ a partner. You’ll make countless decisions right before, during, and after prom. So, don’t push all the prom preparations to the last minute. It’s the last dance and a stepping stone to adulthood. So make it memorable. If possible, celebrate it with grandiose. I know you’re overwhelmed. Don’t be. We’ll make it a fun night. Here are a few tips for an unforgettable prom night. 

A spectacular Outfit

Your outfit will set the mood for your prom night. Choose it carefully. You need to think about the colors, type of dress, prom theme, trends, and your taste. You can get a couple of ready-made online dresses, get a custom-made dress, or go to a nearby boutique. Before buying an outfit, take time to know and understand your skin undertone and body type.

If your skin radiates a warm undertone, earthy tones will be the best choice for your dress. Browns, warm reds, mustard, peach, and greens are good choices. Neons and whites will wash out the warmness. Deep purples, bright blue, pinks, lavender, emeralds, or ice blue will look dashing on cool undertones. Grays and bright whites will also work well with cool undertones. Neutral undertones work well with any color. Pick a color that makes you feel good. It’s all about you.

Choose a style that makes you comfortable and confident. There is no point in wearing a dress because you’re supposed to. If a tux makes you comfortable. Why not? It’s your night. Your outfit should be a perfect addition to your personality. Also, factor in your body type. You’ll need an outfit that enhances all your beautiful features.

Ensure it fits.

Glam It

Your hair, nails, makeup, and accessories should be in harmony with your dress. The trick here is to draw all the attention to your outfit. So go light on all your choices. Choose a simple hairstyle that works well with your face shape. But you can always go with the classic and sleek updos. They’ll make you look elegant and draw all the eyes to your dress. Put on simple but stylish earrings and a necklace. Go light on your makeup. If you can, book an appointment with a hairstylist, makeup artist, and nail artist. Alternatively, you can dress up together with your friends.

Don’t forget your purse. Pick a small cute purse. Pack all the essentials you’ll need, including a pack of gums or mints, deodorant, bobby pins, lip gloss, or facial sheets.

Ride in Style

Make it grand or out of the ordinary. Pick a vintage car, a supercar, or a stretch limo if you’ve got extra coins to spare. A Rolls Royce Dawn will be a grand entrance or exit. You’ll get camera clicks and flashes.

Or you can opt for a Cinderella fairytale-like carriage.

You can also make it a group thing and use a party bus.

Keep the Memories in Photos

You worked hard to put everything together. So, save the moments in photographs. Do it with your friends and work with a professional photographer. Pick a photoshoot spot a week before the prom.

Take photos before, during, and after the prom. Be you and take bomb photos.

Try neutral, quirky, and funny poses. Let your photographer capture the in-between moments. Capture the awkward laughs, the dancing, conversations, and natural smiles.  

Relax and Dance Your Lungs Out

Once inside, have fun. Mingle and dance. Don’t isolate yourself or hide behind one person. It’s a social event. So get talking and jam to your favorite tunes. No one is looking at you. Break it down if you want to. Be silly, dance, jump, and shake it. The fun shouldn’t stop at the dance floor. Plan after-prom activities with your friends beforehand. Go bowling, a movie night, bonfires, a supervised party, or sleep out.

A wrap

There you have it. It comes down to planning, making the right decisions, and enjoying the night. The one-night event takes a lot of preparation. You’ll need the perfect outfit, company, a ride, and a set of after-prom activities. Make all the preparation beforehand, get a budget, and get ready for a memorable night. It’s one night you’ll never forget. So be safe, relax and have fun.