Brand South Africa partners with the Miss South Africa Pageant

Brand South Africa is excited to announce its  continued partnership with the Miss South Africa pageant this year, as reigning Miss South Africa, Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier, prepares to hand over the crown.

This is in line with the Play Your Part Programme, as the Miss South Africa pageant provides a wonderful platform for young South African women to confront their power, embrace their future and inspire young women. Over the years, the programme has been  promoting and celebrating active citizenship as well as encouraging pride and patriotism.

“Beauty pageants have always had an important impact on girl and women’s empowerment. They give women a platform to be heard and opportunities to inspire others. It’s a platform that recognises the importance of playing your part and being involved in the matters of the community, by being an active citizen. Brand South Africa sees every participant as a good country ambassador and we look forward to engaging with this year’s contestants” – Sithembile Ntombela, Brand South Africa General Manager: Marketing

Through a pageantry process, contestants receive world-class coaching, that will advance their networking, business and crucial life skills. As they get moulded into brand ambassadors for the country, the women become champions of women’s rights, thought leaders and savvy career women who inspire others  to fulfil their potential, recognise their self-worth and find their place in the world.

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