How to get a great study loan so you have peace for exams

Sometimes you lose your financial support and have to enter exams with stress because you have no finances for studying further.

In this read, we’ll be covering an aspect of study loans and studying that isn’t always talked about. No one feels like they want to study for exams that might not even benefit them in the end. It’s even worse when you want it to count, but your financial carpet has been pulled out from under you.

Imagine getting top results for your exams, but not being able to get accreditation for it because you haven’t paid your final  studying bills. That’s what this post is about!

Your 3 steps to finding a great study loan

Determine your needs

Do some recon around the exact needs you will need to tackle or complete your studies. It doesn’t help to get a study loan of R20,000 if you’re only one exam away and need to pay a final bill of R5,000. The cash will burn a hole in your pocket sooner than you realize and then it still needs to be paid back!

Draw up a budget

Before committing to any loan in life, it’s vital to draw up a budget and see what you can actually afford. Affordability will affect most of your financial decisions in life and will reveal your level of responsibility!

Hit the search engines and social channels

It’s important to get an objective perspective on what a student loan can offer you. Look for places like that offers you objective reviews on loans. Get away from a company’s marketing material to find the realistic expectations for a student loan you are considering. Consider reaching out on your social media channels or some local forums for feedback. Ask that people share their previous experiences when they took out a specific student loan you are considering.

After you’ve gotten some peace with a student loan perfect for you, check these 3 tips on studying for your exam!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

This is probably one of those key things in life that almost everyone falls prey to. The reality is, if your study material is prepared by the time you have to study for an exam, you will feel way better about actually studying. Most people leave preparation for too late and scrabble around when it comes to exam time.

Focus when it’s time to focus

The winner of time killing can be given to procrastination. Too many of us complain about a lack of time when it is actually just a lack of focus. Focussing for 20 minutes and taking a 40-minute break will easily get you further than that 50 minutes studying session where you keep on check your phone!

Hit the sack!

A lot of people forget to stop studying and take a break. Usually, it’s when people are unprepared and have left studying too late! Recreational activities like sleep, lots of water and exercise play crucial roles in feeling rejuvenated and ready for a studying session or exam!

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