School of Life South Africa SOLSA

SOLSA is an online learning marketplace and social network. Our aim is to provide an extensive range of micro-courses in the form of digital content to support student learning at all levels by 2016. Additionally, we’re focused on introducing financial literacy as an identified loophole within the education space.

We believe South Africa is in a very unique position to take advantage of the accessibility allowed by technology. As a developing nation, it’s imperative that social enterprises such as this are supported so as to promote the betterment of society through education technology.

In October 2015, the SOLSA team decided to launch a crowd funding campaign for two main reasons:

– Venture capitalism and other traditional funding methods usually involve relinquishing a considerable portion of ownership in a company, or may lead to over-commercialization and distraction from the original vision in order to meet the demands of set business targets. We’re a social enterprise and we exist to uplift the communities in which we operate on any level possible.

– We believe it is a better approach to actively involve young people in creating future opportunities. We all have a part to play and if we do, the outcomes (in many cases) have proven to be extremely noteworthy.

The campaign will end on the 30th of November with only 1000 applications being accepted. Individuals must be 16-25 years of age and our affordable bundle program has been put together to provide maximum value for money. For those looking to do some good this Festive season, this is probably the smartest way to do so as a portion of proceeds will be donated to Food Bank and will be used to grow and maintain our privately managed scholarship fund.

With technology allowing education to break the boundaries of the classroom, the world is experiencing the shift away from an input approach to teaching, one that relies on ‘packing’ knowledge into kids, to an output approach, one that takes individuality and personalised interests into account.

Governments and schools all over the world are looking for ways to make educational results more transparent and objective. Teachers are looking for ways to make lessons more engaging and effective. Many parents want to become more involved in how their young ones learn. And people want to be engaged by mediums that reflect the interactive and digital nature of their lives today.

We’re meeting these challenges by offering integrated digital learning solutions that enable personalised learning and connect everyone involved in the learning process.

For more information on SOLSA, you can visit our website at or call 0115681328 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions or listening to your suggestions/comments.

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