Make your CV less cookie cutter and you more employable

The job market has become such a competitive environment that many new graduates are unemployed even though they have the right qualifications and a comprehensive skillset. Being qualified and being employable are two separate things though in today’s economy. No matter your degree or qualification you would do well to brush up on your ‘other’ skills – the ones that might set you apart from the crowd.

Mastering an additional skillset could also see you moving up the corporate ladder quicker than your contemporaries. For instance, gaining a proficiency in a technical software program, being fully bilingual or having completed an apprenticeship or internship at a reputable organisation where you were up-skilled, are all considered pluses on your CV. Attending different part-time courses will assist you with populating your CV with additional abilities and set it apart from the rest.

Here are some courses you could consider which will make your CV less cookie cutter and more unique:

Advanced driving course

Depending on the type of work you would like to do, an advanced driving course can look very good on your CV. Many sales representatives, construction industry employees and consultants spend most of their working day on the road – if this is a field you would like to work in then having an advanced driving course might make your CV more attractive to your potential employer.

Emotional intelligence training

Emotional intelligence training courses harness your ability to identify, acknowledge and understand your emotions and the emotions of those around you. This is really useful in any type of business environment and a valued skill in employees who would like to grow into managerial positions in their respective fields.

First Aid course

Every single industry needs first aiders in their workspace. It’s also one of the easiest courses for you to complete and is a huge value-add to your work and personal life. This type of certification makes you attractive to a prospective employer who doesn’t already have a first aid officer in the office, especially in heavy engineering industries.

There are many courses available that will help you with a better looking CV – depending on the industry you are involved in or want to find work in, you can quickly and easily make yourself more employable through short courses. Even a short course in presentation and interview skills would look good ad is likely to add to your NQF level too.

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