Start your 20s with a shopping spree

Welcome to your 20s – where you’re expected to be an adult, but you still feel like a kid. It’s a difficult decade and nobody should tell you otherwise. But if you do it right, these could be some of the best years of your life.

When you hit your 20s things change (no matter how hard you fight it) and so do your needs.

You’re moving out of your parents’ house – or your student digs – and it’s time to start the growing up process. And what better way to kick-start that process than with a shopping trip? Here are just a few of the big purchases you make in your 20s…

Your first car

This is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make in your 20s, so give it some serious thought and do your research.

Before you go online looking for pre-owned cars for sale remember that this is the first car you’re going to buy – not the last. You have a budget and you need to stick to it. As Moneyweb notes: “In the end one thing should remain your focus – do not get yourself into a position where you will struggle financially. Perhaps this means that your dream car will have to be an entry-level basic model with no air-conditioning. In the end it is better to experience some discomfort due to hot South African summers than find yourself in a sweat because you cannot afford the payments on your financing deal.”

A grown-up wardrobe

You’re now considered an adult and you can’t live in hoodies and tracksuit pants anymore. In the real world your image matters and you want to make a good first impression. Getting a whole new wardrobe can become expensive very quickly. That’s why you should focus on a few classic items so that you can dress up for work and dress down for a night on the town. Use accessories to rework your outfits so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same thing twice a week.

A good mattress

When you start your first real job you’ll truly appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep… and your mattress plays a huge part in that. Yes, it’s tempting to keep that old mattress you’ve had since you were 10 – it’s free after all – but at the end of the day, it will make all the difference. According to, “Sleeping on a bad mattress can have negative effects on your health and life. A bad bed can cause you pain. Depending on how you sleep, you can develop back pain or other pain throughout your body due to your mattress.”

Kitchen appliances

When you’re battling bills for the first time, buying a brand-name toaster may seem unnecessary. But now is the time to start building up your kitchen and you should invest in good quality. You don’t need to run out and buy everything all at once (which is pretty impossible given the prices), but when you do go out and buy that blender, make sure it’s one that’s going to last. Of course, your very first purchase should be a microwave… you’re going to be using it a lot.

Cleaning supplies

Once you’re living on your own (or with messy roommates) you’ll notice how quickly things get dirty. So make sure that you have all the necessities – a mop, a broom, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner. Of course, you also need all the products that go with them.

Maybe it’s not the kind of shopping spree you’re used to, but it is an important one. This is the beginning of your adult life and these are the things you need to get going

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