3 summer jobs students should consider

While we’re all trying to focus on our studies so we can get the best marks we can, we also need to take some time out. This means considering career opportunities or even minor jobs in areas we hadn’t considered. We can get exposed to what people do every day or discover a new route in life we’d not considered.

This must be considered when we recognise the staggering numbers of people who actually go on to practice what their tertiary education focused on. As Scientific American notes about American education:

“only about 25 percent of those earning American science PhDs will ever land a faculty job… And even fewer — 15 percent by some estimates — will get a post at the kind of research university where the nation’s significant scientific work takes place.”

If this happens even in one of the most advanced countries in the world, for one of the most prestigious degrees, we should begin considering what the situation is like here. There are a few summer careers to consider.

Travelling the seas

We often don’t get an opportunity to travel the oceans. Roads and lands are easy enough, but the seas are often unvisited. Yet, there are plenty of opportunities if we keep our eyes open. One enjoyable way to earn money is to consider yachts. For this, we will need specific training such as doing a crew course and RYA radio course, but once this is done, we’re fully qualified and educated for life.

We’ll learn how to work in a team, negotiating complicated mechanisms while enjoying the open waters. Cape Town’s seas during summer are perfect and see a lot of boating activity.

Tour guide

If we like being outside in popular places why not get paid for it and educate others? Tour guides are ideal for those who love showing off the beauty, history and wonder of their home town. We can even consider specific landmarks. Jobs Mail points out: “Guides can find employment in the tourism industry. Jobs are available in big tour companies or with safari operators. Another option is to find freelance work when companies need extra staff in their busy months.”

Pet sitting and dog walking

For many people, animals are like children. They require love and attention, some more than others. If we’re into animals and being caring, this is an ideal opportunity. We get paid to simply look after an animal, possibly walking around nice neighbourhoods for hours at a time. If we’ve ever raised an animal ourselves, this won’t be too stressful, though we obviously need to recognise each animal is different.

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