5 Apps Every Student Needs

With smartphones and devices always by our side, why not use them to make your student life easier? Here are the 5 apps every student needs:

1. Uber/Taxify

These apps are good for getting around without breaking the bank. With their fairly cheap trips, hassle-free booking and cash-free payments straight in the palm of your hands. Truly making them essential apps not only for students but for everyone. A feature that we love is that you can send a link to your family or mates where they can monitor your trip in real-time.

2. Slack

Slack is a great app for all those group assignments as it allows you to chat and remind each other of what still needs to be done. The beauty of this app is that you can create groups or chat directly. The best part is that you don’t need to save anyone’s numbers.

3. Drunk Mode

The app is good for not waking up drenched in shame. As a student, you going to do things that you will regret but let drunk texting not be one of them.

Drunk mode allows you to hide selected contacts including your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, landlord and even your boss for up to 12 hours.

A great bonus is the GPS function that allows you to find friends that also use the app ’cause we’ve all been separated from the group of friends at least once.

4. Scanner App

You will be surprised at how many times you may need to scan documents and send them to people. Now you may be thinking but that is what a camera on your phone is for. True but scanner apps are better at using your phone’s camera at recognising text and balancing out the white of the paper.

5. Grammarly

Not everyone can be a bestselling writer but that shouldn’t stop you from writing those well put together essays and Grammarly allows you to do just that. It checks your grammar and spelling.

Other student programmes that one can use is Google docs which are free and sync digitally so you can access them on your phone, tablet and PC.

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