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It is said that we are all made for greatness, greatness being the great, which is in the present tense. Now many of us want this, many of us want greatness; many of us want houses, cars, happiness, peace and financial freedom. But the problem that I have seen is that we want maximum result by putting in minimum effort and that is a recipe for failure. That is a recipe that will get you into so much trouble, failure, and it will create a habit in you that will always blame other people when things go bad.

Now the questions that I am asking you right now are: what are you willing to give up in order reaching that greatness? Is it your time, is it the things that you focus on? Yes things that you focus on should be sacrificed, things that you spend time worrying about should be left in the past and you as a person should open up your mind to new and exciting possibilities.

It is said that you must plant a seed and it will grow, but I say, you should plant that seed and learn how to water it, learn when it is the right time to expose it to the sun, to bring about that long awaited photosynthesis.

Tennas Platinum is a Stock Trading company based in Sandton South Africa, it does not only teach people how to trade in the exchange market  but also changes lives, yes I know what you are thinking “all companies say they change lives” well this is the evidence, this is how they change lives. In 2015, they were able to take a student who did not have money to pay for school and live and taught him the tricks of the market. And the particular young person was able to pay for his school and keep on going. Look he might have been the one who learned how to trade but his family’s life changed. Imagine knowing that you can’t afford to pay for your son’s school fees but at some point get a call from him saying that he got it, imagine the difference made to the lives of the parents. Imagine the difference made to the lives of the student’s children and future wife?

He made a decision today that would change the rest of his life for a lifetime. I putting it out to you because I care about you, I want you to go to work based on what you love, not based on what you don’t have. Even if you feel like it’s not for you, even if you think you not sure about it, call them and they will explain and educate you.

You have to take advantage of an opportunity during the lifetime of that opportunity.

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