Gen Y-ers

What Gen Y-ers want from their work

The group of young adults aged 30 or under are commonly referred to as Generation Y(Gen Y or Gen Y-ers). They are remarkably different to the previous generations that’ve been singled out over the past decades. This is because they are particularly more educated and worldly thanks to being raised with technology. The result is that this generation has a very different set of requirements from the workplace. They are motivated by more than money, unlike their predecessors.

You might say that Gen Y-ers work to maintain their lifestyles which are less about money, power and material wealth and rather about balance, flexibility and adding value to their communities and work environments.

If you’re an under 30, craving a fulfilling career and wanting to add value in your work life then you’re likely a Gen Y-er.

Make your demands known

As a Gen Y-er you’re possibly quite open to the idea of changing jobs if your needs aren’t met. Although, in reality finding a new job can be tricky as the job market is small and the requirements by employers are often many and quite specific. It’s better to outline your expectations, figure out what you’re willing to compromise on and then communicate that to your employer. A large multi-national is unlikely to accept a champion of change making waves against their steadfast processes but a smaller business and startups might very well take your ideas into consideration. Modern small to medium businesses are supporters of concepts such as work life balance, remote working and healthy working environments. If you communicate your demands you’re bound to be surprised at the company’s willingness to try and meet your expectations.

How to define your expectations

Many modern companies have paid close attention to what their young new employees want and expect from their work environment. For instance, walk into any small to medium company nowadays and you can find employees who enjoy flexi-hours, who’re allowed to work remotely and who enjoy early morning yoga sessions or healthy paid lunches. These are the types of benefits that keep employees loyal and motivated to work for the company.

Often, knowing you want to be a happy and motivated employee doesn’t mean you know how to become that. So, you need to figure out what makes you tick in the work environment. The general consensus is that Gen Y-ers require challenging and interesting work projects that keep them engaged, a high salary or serious perks, a mapped out career trajectory within the company and the opportunity to maintain good work life balance.

To remain relevant you have to remain educated

Gen Y-ers can expect to work for a longer period of time than their predecessors. And, if you’re going to remain in the working world for longer you need to remain on top of your game. This means you’re responsible for keeping yourself knowledgeable and educated because this is the way you can challenge the status quo. You should look to choosing employment where they offer further education and upskilling of their staff. Technology has become relevant to every single sector in the marketplace and not keeping your finger on the pulse of the tech development that happen on a weekly if not daily basis will see you fall behind your counterparts. Check if your prospective employer is open to sending their staff on computer courses, marketing and digital trend gatherings and any other knowledge sharing programmes. And suggest what you would find helpful to you becoming a value-add to the organisation.

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