How to prove yourself @ your first Job.

Your degree will eventually end. One of these days you’ll graduate and your student years will be nothing but a (hopefully) fond memory. And, when this happens, the working world will be waiting for you on the other side.

Don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as you may believe it to be. In fact, the working world can be amazing. Think about it: you’re going to be going on an epic journey that will result in your career. If that’s not exciting, then what is?

Anyway, when you inevitably begin working, you’re going to need to prove yourself. Here are some ways to do just that.

Do your research

Before you even walk through the doors on your first day, start doing your research. Know as much about the company as possible. Know who their clients are and what every department does. But don’t stop researching there. You need to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the industry. Look for trends and interesting developments, whether it’s on asset finance solutions or new marketing methods.

No complaining about grunt work

You’re going to have to start at the bottom in an intern or junior position. This means you’re going to be given a lot of small tasks and grunt work. It’s not likely to be your dream job at first. But that doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t important. The little things need to get done so the big things can happen at the top. So, don’t complain and do the job with a smile on your face.

Volunteer for everything

Your colleagues need coffee? Someone has to pick up a package? The ink in the printer needs to be refilled? Volunteer to do it. Putting your hand up shows you’re a team player and are eager to do well at your job. The higher ups will notice this and it’ll put you in their good books.

Don’t arrive at nine and leave at five

This is not school. You don’t live according to the ringing of a bell. Staring at the clock is not a good way to spend your day. Instead, measure your day by productivity. If you haven’t completed all your tasks by five, don’t leave. Stay as long as you need to. Of course, when it comes to mornings, always be on time. You won’t win anyone’s approval by arriving late to work.

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