Bolt Lays Out Map for Driving Opportunities

Bolt, the popular ride-hailing service which launched on AppGallery last summer, is accelerating in a new direction with the launch of Bolt Driver. The app, designed to facilitate drivers who want to become part of the Bolt ecosystem, expands the company’s long-term brand co-operation with Huawei.

Bolt Driver, which is now available to Huawei phone users in South Africa / globally, can be downloaded to enable car owners to join the growing team of drivers now maximising great earning opportunities. 

Bolt has used the wealth of features available through the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) platform to deliver critical app functionalities in Bolt Driver. One in particular is the Map Kit, which has allowed Bolt to provide detailed map services that can be personalised by the driver, and easily interacted with.

Bolt, which was one of the first major brands to join AppGallery, has proven popular with consumers in Europe and overseas. The service has become renowned for its affordability, reliability and safety and prides itself on being fast. 

Branching out towards drivers through the dedicated Bolt Driver app is an indication of how much the service is expanding. The app will not only help to connect prospective drivers with good jobs, but Bolt’s aim is to treat its ‘partners’ with respect, ensure its ride-hailing apps include safety features specifically designed to protect drivers, and control the quality of its services in response to constant feedback from customers. 

“We already have 2.5 million drivers working with Bolt and our aim is to add many more to our roster,” said Mykhailo Kudla, Senior Growth Lead at Bolt. “We know from our great experiences on the AppGallery platform that we can reach a huge international audience, and we want to tap into that using the Bolt Driver app as a gateway to new driver partnerships that we can nurture long into the future.”

Bolt’s listing on AppGallery enabled it to grow its customer base through exposure to Huawei’s vast number of smartphone users. AppGallery is now the world’s third largest app marketplace with 550 million monthly active users (MAUs), growing in Europe by 61.5% year-on-year to more than 42 million users¹.

“Our partnership with Bolt is reaping multiple rewards,” said Derek Yu, President of Huawei CEE & Nordic, and Canada, at Huawei Consumer Business Group. “We are delighted that the company has been able to use our platform to introduce not just one app, but a series of hugely popular apps. Bolt Driver is a great example of how technology is enabling people to earn additional income and work flexibly to suit their lifestyles. It is exactly the kind of tool we want our partners to be listing on AppGallery.”

Huawei is currently running a promotion for its AI and Huawei Browser with Bolt. Users of the Browser will see a banner which prompts them to answer a question in order to get a guaranteed voucher for a Bolt ride. The campaign is running in selected countries including Poland, Croatia, Czech, Ukraine and Romania for a month². 

Supporting Bolt reflects Huawei’s commitment to helping brands and developers grow together and realise their business success through AppGallery. Bolt Driver can be downloaded from AppGallery now. 

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