Do you live in South Africa’s safest driving city? Not if you’re in Jozi or CT.

The Discovery Insure Driving Challenge has recently been completed and according to their driving behaviour analysis Port Elizabeth is South Africa’s safest driving city. Can’t say we’re surprised. What with their awesome surf, laid back vibes and awesome people. Makes sense.

Cape Town came in second place and Bloemfontein is third. Jozi folk, don’t fret. You might not have won (let’s be honest, even an SA politician couldn’t have fixed this one in your favour), but you also didn’t come last. That honour goes to Nelspruit who scored well on acceleration and braking, but poorly for speeding.

The research was carried out by collecting data via the Discovery Insure app which 30 000 Saffas downloaded and agreed to participate in.

By tracking behaviour via the app, the boffins behind the research were able to learn that overall driving behaviour has improved by more than 10% from last year, and the greatest area of improvement has been a reduction in phone motion of 22%. In 2014, the data collected showed that if a driver uses their mobile phone once during a trip, the result is an average of 52 seconds of distracted driving. This is equivalent to driving blind for one kilometre at 60km/h and makes the driver four times more likely to have an accident during that trip. Can you say FRIGHTENING?!?

PE came out tops thanks to lower levels of speeding coupled with fewer distracted driving events that mostly involved phone use while driving. The analysis reveals that drivers in large urban areas are more prone to distracted driving events. Not surprising then to learn that peeps in Pretoria and Johannesburg use their cell phones more frequently while driving on the roads.

We know the one question you’re dying to know the answer to: men VS women. Well, overall, women score better in driving areas like smooth acceleration, balanced cornering, and not speeding, while men score better in gentle braking and using their cell phones less while driving. Soooooooo… winners then?

And as a student, statistically, you’re more likely to score lower than your 50-years and older fellow road users. 14% lower to be exact.

Here are all the rankings:

1. Port Elizabeth
2. Cape Town
3. Bloemfontein
4. Polokwane
5. Johannesburg
6. Pretoria
7. Pietermaritzburg
8. East London
9. Durban
10. Nelspruit

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