How to Tackle the School Holidays on a Budget

The school holidays are steadily approaching.

For many, this is a time for series binge-watching, binge eating and endless hours of napping.

But for some, this is a time of wanderlust, empty pockets and empty calendars- SIGH!

Here are a few tips to help you survive the school holidays while freeing your adventurous soul, without breaking the bank:

Find hidden adventures in your city or town

Find hidden adventures in your city or townFrom little town too big city- there is always something to do that you’ve never done. Visit that old museum that you’ve never been to or go to that gallery that you always have driven past in town. Trying out new things could spark a new interest or lead you to meet new friends along the way.

Look out for student specials and discounts

Student specials and discounts exist everywhere! Take your student card along and ask if they have any student discounts. This could lead to new activities that you wouldn’t do (without the discount) or give you the opportunity to tick something off your bucket list (at a great price).

Tackle that endless to-do-list

Do all those things that you’ve always promise to do during the school term but never got a chance to. Clean out that closet, sell that old radio sitting in your room and (yes) visit your grandparents! – You’ve been putting that off long enough.

Visit a friend or family in a neighbouring town/city

Fulfil that wanderlust by taking a short trip to a new town or city. Make sure you have a friends or family staying there- this could save you money on accommodation. Plus, you’ll have your own local and free guide.

Start a new hobby or activity

Whether it is trying new recipes for dinners, knitting a scarf or starting a blog- beginning a new hobby will keep you busy for hours at little to no cost.

Get a job or volunteer

Make some extra money this holiday by working- many businesses offer holiday jobs to students. Or, volunteer to a children’s home or an animal shelter- this will not only keep you busy but will definitely be a noble way to spend your time.

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