From time immemorial, dogs have, and will always be, man’s best friend. This is not surprising as dogs have shown undying compassion and loyalty for man over the years. Your dog will always be there for you, never judge you, and stand by you whatever the situation.

As a result, one needs to take essential steps to keep the dog happy and healthy. Even though keeping your dog healthy and happy comes with some responsibilities, it is an investment that will yield incredibly in the long run.

You need not go overboard or burn a hole in your pocket to make your dog happy and healthy. Imbibing simple habits like giving your dog a balanced diet taking her on a regular walk can go a long way to upgrade your dog’s health.

This article will explain five tips with which you can have a healthy and happy dog:

Give Your Dog Supplements

In the same way, humans need a balanced diet; dogs also need the proper nutrients for optimum health. Besides, the older your dog gets, the more supplements he would likely need.

Consider giving your dog healthy nutrition. Consult your vet for advice on the right supplements to give your dog. However, stay away from supplements with a long unpronounceable ingredient list.

A supplement your dog will appreciate is CBD. This derivative of the Cannabis Sativa plant is incredibly useful as it has various properties that can address deficiency and illness in a dog.

You can get CBD gummies, treat, and other great products that your dog will appreciate. The most reputable online store has the best CBD for dogs that you can consider getting.

Stimulate the Dog’s Mind

This is not about allowing them to watch animal planets while you are away.

Your dog will probably look up to you for new and exciting things as the pack leader. In other words, they want opportunities to experience fresh and new stimuli and also test their wits. Dogs are social and interactive animals, and they will probably follow your lead.

Challenge your dog’s mind in various ways. Introduce new tricks, and don’t miss out on the opportunities to go to exciting places meet new people and new dogs. They will make the perfect companion on simple weekend errands you run.

Spice things up by introducing them to new smells, playing with them like a fellow dog, etc. The essence of this is to stimulate their mind, so get creative and try something unique.

Unconditional Love

Dogs are incredibly loyal animals that are faithful to their master. One good way to reciprocate this is by showing deep affection for your dog. Deepen the relationship between both of you such that you always look forward to how your dog will receive you after a long day at work. Such a cute gaze could fill your heart with joy and excitement.

As a dog owner, you are responsible for creating a bonding moment between you and the dog. It can be as simple as rubbing the fur, giving her a pat on the back, or a deep affectionate hug. Such positive affirmation can develop a strong relationship between you and doggy occasionally.

Make sure you don’t consider this a duty but a reward for both parties. Such a bond is a powerful tool for your dog, which can mold their behavior positively and affect their interaction with people and fellow dogs.

Next time you want to reward your dog, why not give an affectionate gesture? You will be surprised by the result.

Socialize Your Dog

Dogs are social animals, and they thrive in the park. As a result, allow your canine friend to meet new people fellow animals and visit places. It will excite your dog, stimulate her senses, and model good behaviors.

The social nature of dogs makes them thrive on being around other dogs and people. Ensure you don’t rob them of the opportunity of visiting the dog park or going on a group dog walk. Consider inviting friends with dogs over for playdates. Who knows, Fido might make a new friend through this act.

Give Your Dog a Massage

The way humans enjoy a deeply soothing massage, can also translate to impressive benefits for your dog. Such activity can boost blood circulation, relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and boost the bond of love between you two.

You need to pet your dog while you communicate with her gently before the massage. Start from the top of their head and gradually proceed to the neck and other body parts. Concentrate on areas your dog cannot reach himself and massage in a circular motion.

Don’t forget the chest and front legs as well. Once you get the feeling that your dog doesn’t like you touching any body part, move on. Keep your circular motion to the back and spine as well. Ensure you touch most body parts and concentrate on aspects they enjoy.


As evident, you can make your dog happy with simple things which don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Developing a good and healthy relationship with Fido will translate into a healthy dog that will reward you with years of faithfulness.

Consider these five tips as pointers that can guide you towards having a happy and healthy dog. Make them a habit, and it will strengthen the cord of love between you and the dog.